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fotbollströjor barnBarcelona had a bid for Pogba rejected by Manchester United and the Premier League club are adamant he won’t leave before the transfer window closes in Spain on August 31.
Pogba appeared to hint at his unhappiness with manager Jose Mourinho when he said: "If you're not happy, you cannot give your fotballdrakter barn best.
“There are things I cannot say otherwise I will get fined."
But when asked about Pogba’s situation today in a press conference, Valverde was reluctant to speak about the France World Cup winner.
He told reporters: “I do not speak of players from other teams and we do not get into discussions fotballdrakter barn of other teams either.
“We have enough with ours.
“In the same way that we want them to respect us and our players, we respect others.”
Earlier today, Mourinho dismissed reports he and Pogba had a bust-up this week.
He said: "The truth is we are together for two years and a couple of fotbollströjor weeks and I’ve never been so happy with him as I am now, that’s the truth.
“I cannot demand more from him, I cannot ask more from him, he came here on a Monday, trained three days, I asked for his support for his contribution in an important match for us fußballtrikots kinder when the team had difficulties.
“He did it better and for more time than we could expect, when he says he did it for the fans and for the team is exactly what I want, is exactly what I demand from my players.
“He’s working well, playing well, he does for the fotbollströjor fans, he does for the team and that’s what I want, to play for the team and I couldn’t be happier than what I am.”
And Mourinho confirmed Pogba would once again captain United against Brighton on Sunday.
He said: “For the next match Paul will be captain [then] it will stay fußballtrikots kinder with Antonio Valencia.
"Last season I made Paul captain against Basel we thought he’s a young guy but a good personality, he was made in academy, normally a starting line-up player, so he has conditions to be captain in the future.
"But when Antonio comes back he will be the captain.”

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